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Posted by pakgalih on March 20, 2009

Make faster our modem connection….? Could we do that..!, Please, read this posthing until finish and great friend will know, how to make our modem connection more faster. Did you know that the speed of internet connection you can increase by changing a few settings in Windows. Although many are now softwares to speed up internet connection I think you will not be loss to know how to speed up the “manual” as listed below: First way: 1. From Control Panel, click the Modem icon. 2. In the Modem Properties dialog box, select the modem you want to change settings and click the Properties button 3. On the General tab, change the Maximum Speed to be 115,200. 4. Move to the Connection tab and click the Port Settings button. 5. From the Advanced Port Settings dialog, give the check on the Use FIFO buffers.Receive Buffer and then change into buffer 14 and transmits to 16. Then click OK. 6. Click the Advanced button, give check sign on the Use Flow Control. Then select the Hardware radio button. In the Extra Settings, content with the & C1 &D2E1Q0V1X4% C0 S7 = 55 S11 = 55 S0 = 0. Second way: 1. From Control Panel, click the System icon. 2. Move to the Device Manager tab. 3. On the Ports (COM & LPT), select the port used by your modem and click Properties. 4. Move to the Port Settings tab. 5. In the Bits per second, with 921,600 contents. The three ways: 1. Open the system.ini file located in C: \ Windows. 2. In the [386Enh], add the COM1Buffer = 16384. Change with the COM1 port is used by the modem. Great friend can make exsperiment now with that trick. good luck


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